Grazing Principles

Forage Intake and Setting Stocking Rates

Forage Intake 
» Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide

Stocking Rate Concepts
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Calculating a Stocking Rate
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Background Presentation (PowerPoint) –  on Calculating Stocking Rate
__No Narration. Just text to delve into stocking rate terms a bit deeper.

Molly Texan Example
♦ Mollie Texan example – Video| PowerPoint
» Worksheet on stocking rate problem, print to follow example.
» Answer sheet for “Mollie Texan” problem

~~~~ Readings
Required Reading – Understanding Forage Intake in Range Animals (Lyons et al. 1999)
Required Reading – Guidelines for Setting a Stocking Rate (Launchbaugh)
Required Reading – An Approach for Setting Stocking Rates (Holechek 1988)
Recommended Reading – More info on calculating stocking rate (Pratt & Rasmussen 2001)

Problems to Try:
»» Stocking Rate Scenarios Problem Sheet with Answers
   Video Answers:  Scenario 1  | Scenario 2 | Scenario 3
»» Simple Stocking Rate Scenarios/Problems and Answers
»» 3 Stocking Rate Problems and Answers
»» 5 Stocking Rate Problems and Answers

Examples using Web Soil Survey Data
»» Utah Example to print and calculate (answers)
»» Montana Example in excel (self-correcting)
  ** Video to walk through calculations Montana Example
»» Nevada Example in excel (self-correcting)

Grazing Methods/Systems

Grazing Methods
__» Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide

Grazing Systems
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~~~~ Readings
Required Reading – A Summary of Livestock Grazing Systems Used on Rangelands in the Western United States and Canada (Howery et al. 2016)
Required Reading – Grazing Management: A Viewpoint.  (Kothmann 2009)
Required Reading– Grazing Systems from National Range & Pasture Handbook (USDA-NRCS)
 Required Video – Following the Green– Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission
Optional Video – Developing Grazing Systems- Sage-grouse Initiative

~~~TEST 3 covers all Material and Readings above