Integrating Rangeland Resources

Integrated Weed Management & Targeted Grazing 

Integrated Weed Management » Video| PowerPoint| Note Guide
♦ Targeted Grazing for Weed Management » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide
Grazing and Annual Grasses » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide

~~~~Readings, Videos & Podcasts
Required Reading – Rangeland Invasive Plant Management (DiTomaso 2010)
Required Reading – A New Paradigm for Livestock Management. (Launchbaugh & Walker. 2006)
Required Reading – Prescription Grazing for Rangeland Weed Management. (Frost & Launchbaugh 2003)
Required Video– Goats Eat Weeds. (Lonie Malmberg, Wyoming PBS, 2017)
Recommended Reading – The Art and Science of Targeted Grazing — A Producer’s Perspective (Dan Macon 2014)
Recommended Podcast – Targeted Grazing to Control Weeds (Launchbaugh – Art of Range Podcast)
Recommended Podcast – Research to Control Cheatgrass (Perryman- Art of Range Podcast)

Fire and Grazing Interactions

Grazing and Wildland Fire Fuels » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide
Grazing Management After Fire » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide

~~~~Readings & Videos
Required Reading – Planned Herbivory in the Management of Wildfire Fuels. (Nader et al. 2007)
Required Reading – Targeted Grazing to Manage Fire Risk  (Taylor 2005)
Required Video – Mountain Home ranchers form Rangeland Fire Protection Association (Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission 2012)
Recommended Podcast – Research to Control Cheatgrass (Perryman- Art of Range Podcast)

Livestock-Wildlife Interactions & Multi-Species Grazing

Livestock-Wildlife Interactions » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide
Multi-Species Grazing » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide

~~~~Reading and Videos
Required Reading – Livestock-Big Game Relationships: Conflicts and Compatibilities. (Vavra et al. 1990)
Required Reading –  Is Good Range Management for Livestock Really Good Management for Wildlife? (Boyd et al. 1997)
→  Required Video – Establishing Conservation Easements (Sage-Grouse Initiative 2013)
→  Required Video –Land of Contrasts: Ranching’s Commitment to Wildlife (Oregon Cattleman 2010)
Required Reading – Multi-species grazing: The ecological advantage. (Walker 1994)

Riparian & Watershed Management with Focus on Livestock Grazing

♦  Riparian Grazing Management » Video| PowerPoint  | Note Guide
Rangeland Watershed Management » Video| PowerPoint  | Note Guide

~~~~Reading and Videos
Required Reading – Training Livestock to Leave Streams and Use Uplands. (Burritt 2012)
Required Reading – Can Fish and Cows Coexsist? (Fitch and Adam 1998)
Required Reading – Prescription Grazing to Enhance Rangeland Watersheds. (Anderson 1993)
Recommended Video – Changes in Dalton Meadows Nevada by Dr. Tamzen Stringham

Forest & Orchard Grazing

Forest Grazing Management » Video| PowerPoint | Note Guide
Required Reading – Applying Targeted Grazing to Coniferous Forest Management In Western North America (Sharrow  2006)